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Website Overhaul

Welcome to our new website! We look forward to providing you announcements, change log posts and more exclusively on this platform.

Website Overhaul

Greeting Adventurers!

Welcome to our new website for the KraxiaMC Network. We hope that this site will allow us to post frequent updates, announcements and changelogs to allow everyone to stay up-to-date with our comunity.

We've decided to offer a blog styled platform in lieu of a forums or landing page to better engage and interact with our community in real time. We intend to use this website as the primary location for integral changes to the server and broadcast announcements as they happen.

What's Next?

We will begin transitioning our changelog posts from the discord server to the website. Ideally as we move towards public release, we will post our changes on a weekly basis. You will also find announcements regarding in-game events, store sales and more on this website, so do check back often! 

As you may know, our server has been in development since 2017... One of the major goals for the server before an official release of any kind (including an open beta) was a professional website. We would love to say that goal has been achieved. Which can only mean we are headed directly for a public release in the coming months!

Looking for Support?

We still have our community discord server where we will primarily offer all of our support through our support ticketing system. If you are looking for immediate assistance, please join our discord and open a ticket in the text-channel #support.

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