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Community Rules

We strive to provide a safe and fun environment for all players on the server. If you find that a player is not in accordance with these rules, please open a ticket on our community Discord. Please note: While these rules are a base line for what may constitute punishment on our network, the staff have the final say in all matters.
Inappropriate Chat Conduct
Disrespectful Messaging
Disrespectful chat behavior can include but is not limited to, offensive language (against another), hate speech, racism, discrimination, harassment or sharing personal information of others.
Misuse of Chat
Misuse of the chat systems can include but is not limited to, intentional spamming or rioting of any kind and intentional chat filter circumvention. You may not advertise any external server IP's or websites.
Inappropriate and Disruptive Behavior
Disruptive Behavior and Actions
Disruptive behavior can include but is not included to, intentionally griefing other player's islands, killing players outside of PVP areas, scamming other players, inappropriate buildings, signs and other non-chat related obscenity.
Real World Trade
Real world trade can occur when one party is either offering or requesting services for items in-game in exchange for real-life currency. All actions related to real world trade are strictly prohibited. Players may trade store items.
Hacked Clients, Third-Party Software and Bug Abuse
Hacked Clients and Third-Party Software
Any and all use of hacked clients, non-cosmetic mods and third-party software that provides a gameplay advantage is strictly prohibited, including use of auto-clickers (and weighted mice/keys), macros and other means of non-traditional automation.
Glitches and Exploits
Any intentional use of an exploit, glitch or bug (including those in Vanilla Minecraft) is strictly prohibited. Please report all bugs promptly to the staff team.

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