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2023 Content Roadmap

Following the official release of KraxiaMC, we are back to work, making new updates to be added in future content patches to your favorite Skyblock RPG server! Here is what you can expect in 2023...

2023 Content Roadmap
Server IP: play.kraxiamc.com

The team behind this project is small but mighty. We are eager to share our plans with you (some of them grand...) for the next year. We are elated with the initial response to our project and feel the total love you have all provided for our hard work.

Below, you will find more information on what is currently planned and how you can help with future content curation. While this list provides a general idea of what updates we would like to provide to the community, we may occasionally divert our attention to more pressing concerns—or community suggestions as they arise...

The following content ideas are major patches that will occur over the next six months to a year in the community. These updates will most likely come in this specific order. Further down, you can also view minor content ideas and updates that will be released in no specific order but will more than likely occur before many of these major ideas.

Town Museum

Kat Diamond, the Town Museum Curator is excited to announce and unveil the town museum. Before she can begin this process, however, she is still setting up some of her internal policies and systems along with tidying up the place...

This is where you come in! She will soon need some assistance (and donations) from the community to finalize the building. Kat anticipates the release of the town museum within two weeks, assuming the support of the community comes through!

Town Museum Features:

  • Item Donation: Players can personally donate items they find that Kat Diamond has yet to add to her collection, allowing all players to view their continued achievements within the museum itself. Every donation will reward the player with a small, one-time experience gain.
  • Collection Log: Kat has her ear to the ground, and when you collect a new item, she will note it down in your personal collection log. All unique items in the world of Kraxia will be added to your personal collection log when they are obtained for the first time (from their original source).
  • Analytic Collection: Kat also keeps analytical data on the players of Riverbend. This includes all of the blocks you've broken, mobs you've killed, and even the steps you've taken!
  • Top Leaderboards: Finally, Kat offers the players of Riverbend a unique opportunity to compete in her official leaderboard systems. Players can choose to compete for the top three ranks in the following categories: Top Prestiges, Top Votes, Top Balances, Top Daily Tasks Completed, and Top Island Likes.

Introduction of Market Avenue and Player Shops

After the release of the Museum will be turning our sights to the Market Avenue, which is lead by Mike Gains. Players will be able to rent market space and host their own individual shops in the spawn. We believe this system will be a creative way for players to host their goods and offer a variety of further gold sinks to the game.

Shop Features:

  • Each player can have one shop
  • Shop slots can be unlocked with in-game money
  • Players set the title of their shop, description and prices of their items in the shop.
  • Players can optionally place their shop down in Market Avenue (to last while logged in) and list their shop in Mike Gains' catalogue of shops.
  • Players who join earlier in the day and remain online will have the best shop locations for the day. Beat your competition to the Market!

In addition to this system we will be working on player trading, which will take place in a GUI and allow for a safer means of trading going forward.

Player Lead Guilds

In the interest of furthering player-led interactions, we will be providing an opportunity for players to create guilds. Guilds will be primarily social-based groups, but we may look to expand this system further down the line...

Guild Features:

  • Guild-specific discord channels (guild members only)
  • Guild tag below the player's name
  • Guild-exclusive chat system in-game (/g)

We hope that this system, along with your feedback, will allow players to better serve the community and elevate their voices in our community. We are very excited to see what you think about this idea and where we could take it in the future!


The world of Kraxia will change forever when the players are given access to the professions systems. Similar to the available talent trees, the goal with this system is to have players further specialize into an area of gameplay that speaks to them and, most importantly, that they enjoy.

All players will be able to access only one of four total profession systems by default. However, players who choose to unlock the new prestige perk Jack of All Trades will be allowed to have two professions.

Professions and Perks:

  • Archaeology: This profession will primarily take place in spawn. You will be given a task location from the Master Archaeologist to dig in a specific section of the town. As you dig, you will find clues as to where the final location of your treasure resides. When you source your treasure, you will be rewarded with reputation for your trade and an archaeological find. Archaeology rewards will focus on quality-of-life benefits and additional fast-travel locations in spawn.
  • Blacksmithing: This profession will allow players to access and utilize a new mineral alloy: Mithril. Mithril tools and armor will outperform all currently available armor and tools... at a cost. Blacksmiths gain reputation in their trade by completing profession contracts for the townsfolk, crafting armor, and making tools. Blacksmiths will be a crucial component in the upcoming dungeons update!
  • Alchemy: This profession will allow players to brew new, custom potions that provide quality-of-life to modify current gameplay loops and essential buffs to future dungeon explorations. For instance, Alchemists will have access to potions that can reset the breeding states of mobs or splash potions of bone meal (AOE bone meal).
  • Cooking: This profession is an expansion to the currently available cooking systems in-game. We aim to provide players with many more options for food, providing higher saturation values and various other effects. The best cooks of the land will be coveted by their guilds for their ability to provide unparalleled buffing and healing foods for combat.

Dungeons & Bossing Content

The true combat component of the server will come in three phases. Demi-bosses, dungeons, and mega-dungeons/raids. All content will be simple and repeatable.

  • Phase one will introduce demi-bosses, which will be soloable and farmable by most players.
  • The second phase will introduce group-style encounters in the form of small dungeons. These dungeons will be one-to-two boss-style content and will be balanced for players to complete in small groups or solo environments.
  • The final phase will be mega-dungeons or raids, which will be next-to-impossible to solo, and will recommend five-player groups for success.

While the combat aspect of the server will be released in this order initially, we plan to add a variety of bosses as content updates as we release each phase.

Player Ran Government

We would like to introduce mayoral elections to the town of Riverbend. It has been far too long (just over a week at the time of this post) that the town has been mayorless! In this update, we will allow players to campaign and run for the coveted mayoral position.

A successful candidate will be allowed to operate and control the town of Riverbend for a one-month period. There will be no term limits, so if you keep your citizens (the player base) happy, you may be in for the long haul.

This system will allow us to use the current taxes collected from /shop to benefit players. Currently, we would like to add an ability for the mayor to interact with an NPC-controlled cabinet that can modify aspects of gameplay, current tax, and control in-game giveaways for players at the cost of tax dollars...

This system will be heavily expanded upon by the players' requests and ideas, so give us your feedback on this idea in, and don't be afraid of suggesting anything new!

Player vs. Player, Duels & Arenas

If there is interest, we will also look to add some light player vs. player interaction to the server. We would like to begin by implementing a dueling system in spawn, allowing players to 1v1 each other in the spawn freely.

If this system sees success, and there is interest, we may also look to add an arena system with brackets and elo... This is a bit of a stretch goal at this point, but let us know if you like the idea. If you do, we will put more focus on it in the future!

If you ever have any suggestions for the server or any features we plan to implement, please leave them in the #suggestions channel of the Discord. We will be more than happy to take a look at all of them!

These ideas consist of smaller updates that we hope to bring to the community in no specific order but more quickly than the major content updates listed above.

Alternative Armor Sets & the Tinkerer

Currently, you can obtain a set of armor that increases your XP gained in each skill. However, we would like to increase this to a total of two sets per skill type and allow for the alternative set in each category to offer an alternative boost to your gameplay. We would like to add the following:

  • Alternative Farming Set: +% Chance for Golden Crops. We plan to add this set from a new NPC that will trade golden crops for golden dirt that can then be traded for the respective pieces.
  • Alternative Ranching Set: +% Chance for Double Drops. We plan to add this set similarly to the new farming set, but we have not totally decided how you will obtain the currency for these items...
  • Alternative Forestry Set: +% Chance for Double Drops. We will add a new quest to the available Daily Quests. This quest will be in the Mushroom Kingdom with its own unique reward, which can be traded for the set.
  • Alternative Mining Set: +% Chance for Better Ore Drop Rates. We are unsure of how we want to add this set, but it has been recommended to allow players to craft the item or trade for it by using rare drops from silverfish. We're always open to suggestions!

When we have fully added two sets of armor for each area of gameplay, we will then add a new NPC, the Tinkerer. This NPC will allow players to combine select items into one, including the aforementioned primary and secondary armor sets for each area of gameplay available.

The Tinkerer, however, does not work for free, nor does he speak to players who have not prestiged before... You will need to prove your worth and have the money for his services. All combined armor sets will then gain a set bonus effect, which will permanently modify how you play the game. For instance, the set bonus for the third tier of farming armor will be auto-replant.

More Daily and Normal Quests

The new intro quest that was dropped on the release of the server has been a great asset to new players, but we would like to add a few more quests to this quest chain to assist even further. These quests will allow players to unlock a new item for faster travel: the Grappling Hook... More info on that soon!

In addition to these quests, we would like to also add two new daily quests, one in the Swamp and one in the Mushroom Kingdom. Each will have unique new objectives for the players to complete and unique rewards to obtain.

Introduction of the Black Market and Strange Candy Trader

We would like to add the Black Market and Strange Candy NPCs. Currently, they do not have any purpose, and this minor update would seek to fix that.

The Black Market, run by Dean Shady, will allow players to purchase items from various other shops for in-game money in a bidding environment. The auction will reset once per real day. The items will be pulled from a large pool of shops and will include exclusive rewards from Voting, Tasks, and Quest Shops. Skip the grind, but at what cost? You decide!

The Strange Candy Trader will also be added to allow players to trade their candies in for modified versions. Do you want a higher bonus XP amount? A sell bonus modifier? Trade your candy in today! Additionally, this NPC will allow players to save their candies to trade for a trinket-styled item that gives a constant XP effect while held in the offhand...

Various Trinkets, Enchants & Quality of Life Updates

As we expand on our current systems, we would like to put a larger focus on the community and allow you to enjoy your time here even more. We want to add in more trinkets, create new enchants, and address quality-of-life updates as needed by the community.

If you have suggestions for any of these systems, please let us know. We aim to make this server a community-envisioned project, and we want to meet your needs. We're in this together!

Although we have only listed a couple of our ideas here, we have so much we could add, and we're always open to whatever you as a community have to say about it!

Thank You

Following our initial debut release on February 10, 2023, we are very excited to announce our planned content updates. We are overwhelmed by the warm reception you all have provided to our release and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patronage and for playing on our server.

This project has been years in the making and receiving your love, praise, and criticism of the content has meant the world to our small team. We are excited to bring you more content for years to come.

As always, if you enjoy what we're doing here - please consider visiting our webstore or voting for our server, so we can grow our community even further!

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