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Official Release and Giveaway

KraxiaMC will be officially released on February 10, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. PST! Join us for an action packed weekend and compete to be one of the first five players to reach Level 60 for your chance to win a gift card!

Official Release and Giveaway

When do we Release?

We are very excited to announce to everyone that the KraxiaMC Skyblock RPG server will be officially releasing on February 10, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. PST (time converter here).

As you know, the server has had a lengthy development phase where we believe we have perfected the experience that we have crafted for your enjoyment. With the official release, we will also be resetting the server so that everyone will begin at the same point and on even footing.

What is a Reset?

When the server resets, all players will be reset to Level 1 without any talents or perks from previous prestiges. All islands, balances and inventories will also be reset to a fresh state. However, donator ranks (including those from HarvestMC) will be preserved.

We know that resets can be controversial and we intend to not reset this server after the official release and will plan to make an official post regarding our path to updates and releases in the near future.

Race to Level 60!

We would like to celebrate the release of the server with a friendly competition – the first five people to hit Level 60 on the server will earn themselves a $50.00 web store gift card to be spent on KraxiaMC!

New or Returning to KraxiaMC?

New members of KraxiaMC will recognize our server as a Skyblock server with a twist... Between the various quests, open world inspired town (spawn), dungeons, leveling, talents and prestige systems, we're sure that you've never seen a server quite like this. Kraxia prides itself on being a community-driven environment and is constantly evolving based on the needs and interests of the community.

We are excited to welcome back our HarvestMC community members to the KraxiaMC server and have recently transferred donor ranks from HarvestMC (read more below).

New Features

Over the past year we have refined the core aspects of KraxiaMC and gone back to the drawing board on many aspects of game play that just seemed too difficult or otherwise unnecessary. During the beta phase of the server we have been receptive to the community's feedback and made rapid changes to the live version of the server to make the game play much more enjoyable.

Introduction of /Sell and /Shop

One of the main changes returning members will notice when you return to the Town of Riverbend is how we manage our economy in game. Previously for most of the server's existence you earned money passively and immediately, we've remastered this system into the /sell menu and allowed everyone access to /shop for a quicker and more enjoyable grind.

Introduction of Riverbend Rails and Navigation System

A reoccurring issue with the new player experience on our server has always been related to the town and difficulties locating the quests and other points of interest - in response our team has created a new quick travel system (the Riverbend Rails) to allow players to traverse the spawn easier and travel to the important areas with ease.

Additionally, we've added a detailed navigation system that you can access in spawn with /nav that creates a waypoint to any NPC or monument in spawn, between these two updates we truly feel that the power of exploration is more accessible than ever to our community.

Quests, Level and Talent Balancing

A large focus for our team during the beta was to refine the game play and leveling process and we believe we have perfected it! The leveling system in place allows members to level from 1-60 (and Prestige for more perks!) while specializing into the specific areas of game play that is most interesting to them. You can choose to spend your Talent Points in Farming, Ranching, Forestry, Mining or Fishing to boost the XP and Profit you earn from your chosen path and unlock unique tricks of the trade, such as Tree feller!

Additionally, we placed a great focus on creating daily repeatable quests that the community can complete for additional rewards and XP and currency rewards, all accessible in the /quest menu.

Discord Linking and Verification

New and returning members are now encouraged to link their Minecraft and Discord accounts by using our new verification system, to get started join the Minecraft server (play.kraxiamc.com) and type /verify, then post your code in our Discord Server in the #verify channel to complete the process!

Transfer of Donor Ranks from HarvestMC

On release day, or when you join, many of you will notice that your donor ranks from HarvestMC have now been transferred to the KraxiaMC donor system at a dollar-to-dollar ratio (read more about our dynamic ranking system here). We initially did not think this was possible and when we closed HarvestMC we announced the same. However, after some hard work and with the benefit of time on our sides, we've managed to transfer the donor ranks!

When you log into the server for the first time after the release your donor ranks will be recognized once again as a thank you to our supporters for the past ten years and we are glad to honor you with some awesome and unique donor perks <3

And Much Much More...

Our team has been attempting to break the bounds of Minecraft and we are sure that you will find something on the server that you simply have not seen before. Please join us for the official launch of KraxiaMC on February 10, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. PST!

We will be posting a road map for new content following the official release, to include the introduction of the town museum, professions, summonable bosses and dungeons...

Thank you for your continued support, this community would not be what it is without the players who enjoy the content we have been making for the past decade. We hope to see you all online <3  

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