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The Kraxia Chronicle's Beginner's Guide to Leveling (1-60)

Welcome Adventurers to the Kraxia Chronicle's beginner-friendly 1-60 Leveling Guide. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to go from zero to hero, you're in the right place.

The Kraxia Chronicle's Beginner's Guide to Leveling (1-60)

This guide has compiled the advice from the first five Level 60 players to provide you with the best tips and strategies to succeed on your journey.

If you're brand new to the community, this new player guide will teach you the basic mechanics and may be a better fit for you.

XP Boosters

XP Boosters are multipliers added to the player's base experience gain when performing any XP-gaining action, including quests.

All XP boosts are additive, so if the player has two different 50% boosters active, the total increased XP would be 100%. The current maximum possible XP boost is 200%.

Certain talents/armor sets can provide exclusive XP boosters to specific skills, such as fishing or farming.

For example, a 50% booster applied to a 100 XP base gain would increase XP gained to 150. If two, different 50% boosters are used, 200 XP would be gained.

You can Β learn more about each type of XP booster and how to obtain them below.

General XP Boosters

Strange Candy (+50%)

  • Strange Candies are consumable items that provide a 15-minute, 50% XP booster when consumed. You cannot consume more than one candy at a time.
  • Once daily, players can receive a candy by completing the daily quest to find Sara Zhou's son. 
  • During the first completion of this quest the player will receive 2 Strange Candies as a reward.

Scrolls of Wisdom (+50%)

  • Scrolls of Wisdom are consumable items that provide a 30-minute, 50% XP booster when used.
  • These can be obtained from Vote Books by selecting the scroll from the reward pool.
  • Additionally, Vote Shop also offers scrolls of wisdom for 10 vote points each.
Tip: It's better to use your strange candies and scrolls of wisdom together to have the most efficient XP gain rather than separately
  • Patron is an optional membership that provides the following benefits while active: 25% XP booster, x2 vote points, and a 5% profit increase.
  • With the promo code "Patron30," new players can redeem 30 days of membership for free from the KraxiaMC webstore.
  • This XP boost lasts for the duration of the membership and can be renewed with additional purchases.

Skill-Specific XP Boosters

Armor Sets (+10%)

  • All armors have full set bonuses that enhance the armor's effects. For XP armors, the full set bonus is +10% XP (stacks with base XP increase).
  • Armors must be worn to obtain their effects, and each armor will only boost XP gains for the armor's boosted skill XP.
  • Helmets and boots will boost skill XP by 2% per piece.
  • Chestplates and leggings will boost skill XP by 3% per piece.
  • Armor sets can be rewarded from loot crates, traded from NPCs, or crafted. Each major area of gameplay has a set to increase XP gained.

Talents (+50%)

  • At level 11, talents are unlocked, and subsequent odd levels will reward +1 talent points. Every 5th level beginning at 15 will reward +2 talent points.
  • There are currently 5 talent trees, and the first tier of the middle talent path increases XP by 10% for each point invested up to a 50% maximum XP boost.
  • Specializing in a specific talent path will only increase XP for performing the path's skill e.g. fishing talents only boost fishing-related XP.

Mining (Levels 1 - 15)

Journeyman Mines with access that can be obtained with exotic minerals

One of the best ways to start your journey is by heading to the town mine. Players gain XP every time they break an ore, and mining is a really quick way to gain levels early on, while also gaining precious resources.

In addition to this, mining is one of the only ways to obtain different ore types like coal, iron, gold, diamonds, and even netherite.

By mining for the first few levels, players are able to sell their excess materials and make some money early on to fund later projects, like expanding their islands.

Tip: If you collect any Pay-dirt, it's helpful to save it for later to purchase Exotic Minerals which can be used to purchase the Mining Armor or access to deeper-level mines.

Mining XP scales with the player's current level and the type of item received from mining. For example, mining gold will net more XP than mining coal.

Deeper mine levels have an increased chance to obtain rarer ores and boost chances to obtain increased amounts of XP.

Using the Fortune enchant will not increase XP gained, but it will increase the amount of ore collected.

Each level can be unlocked by trading Exotic Minerals for the corresponding mine layer access pass. All mine layers include three total mines in that layer's unique style.

While mining the first 15 levels, XP boosters can be used to accelerate the speed of XP gain. However, it is not a necessity.

The Miner's Armor Set can boost mining XP gain by up to 10%.

Miner Armor Set
Tip: It's better to save your talent points rather than immediately spending them on mining. Spending them on farming/fishing may a better investment in the long run.

Fishing (Level 15 - 40)

One of the various docks in the Town of Riverbend

Fishing is one of the cheapest ways to earn levels. Like mining, the XP you receive from fishing scales with your current level. It's a really simple and powerful way to gain XP quickly but does not give you much profit compared to other areas of gameplay.

"Fishing early game is really good for levels if you want a good quick start. I've personally done like 'f**k all but trying to level' so..." -GeorgeeG

XP gains for fishing are based on the rarity of fish/loot obtained ranging from common to legendary. For example, catching a rare fish will give more XP than a common one.

The chance to catch rarer fish does not increase with player level, but it is possible to increase this chance by investing talent points, obtaining enchants, or using a +10% loot chance lure.

Anything you fish can be sold (including corals/buckets of fish), but the profits are considerably less compared to farming or ranching.

If it's raining, the time required to catch a fish will decrease by half. Additionally, you can purchase lures from the Fishing Supplier to reduce the fishing duration by -5% and obtain the Mutant's armor for an additional -10% fishing duration.

Vanilla Minecraft enchantments do apply to the % chance of obtaining rarer fish using Luck of the Sea I-III and Lure I-III will decrease the time required to catch fish.

While on your island you can have a chance to have random event spawn, which can include a mutant fisherman. When you kill the mutant, you have a chance to obtain a piece of his highly coveted armor.

Each piece reduces the required duration of fishing. Players are recommended to fish on their island for this reason.

Depending on where players fish and the time of day, different fish can be obtained. For instance, the fish you will catch on your islands will vary completely from the ones you will find in the town mine...

While fishing, there is also a 5% chance to obtain a bonus Sunken Treasure Chest. These loot crates have a small chance to drop a piece of the Angler's Outfit, which increases the XP gained from fishing.

The Angler's Armor Set can boost fishing XP gain by up to 10%, and the Weathered Armor Set can decrease lure duration by up to -10%.

Angler's Armor Set (left) & Weathered Armor Set (right)
Tip: It may be recommended to use the weathered armor set because it allows you to catch more fish, increasing your overall XP gains.

Spending talent points on Fishing is worth it during the time you are leveling from 15 to 40, but if you are able to save them, it may be better to have them to use on farming in the late game.

Although fishing from level 15 to 40 is time-consuming, this is one of the easiest and surefire ways to get there. If you ever get bored, you can always move to doing other things as well.

"Do what makes you feel happy. I started out with fishing then switched to ranching because I was bored of limited interaction. But the other three paths are not far behind these two in terms of XP gain. Don't forget to vote, do daily quests, and redeem the free month of patron. And make sure that you can be happy with your island, make it feel like home, since you will spend most of your time there." -TheBonesm

Farming (Level 40 - 60)

Sam Wattson's farm in the Town of Riverbend

Farming is arguably the most powerful way of gaining a rapid amount of experience in the shortest amount of time. However, it requires an initial time and in-game money investment before reaping the rewards.

Farming will give you XP when you break a fully-grown crop. If a crop is not fully-grown, it will only drop a single seed.

To maximize the amount of XP earned per crop, it is recommended that players farm according to their highest mastery. At level 40, this is Carrots (Mastery II).

"In regards to crop farming, stick to mastery crops as you level up, instead of the most expensive crop you have access to. Mastery increases your profit margins and experience above the most expensive unlocked crop".

Mastery in a crop will increase the chance the crop will give bonus seed and crop drops. The highest mastery you can have over any given crop currently is III, but is limited to II on some late-game crops.

You can check which crop you have mastery over by using the /level command and hovering over the corresponding level you possess.

Tip: It is recommended that you spend your talent points maxing out the full farming talent tree to unlock Farmstead Mastery 5/5 to have a 25% chance to gain double XP from crops.

Crops will grow in any given season (indicated at the top of the player screen below their level), but if the crop is not in season, its growth rate is greatly decreased.

It is highly recommended that you only plant crops in season or when they will be in season. Otherwise, you'll be waiting a very long time for anything to grow.

"Since you'll be waiting a lot of the time for your crops to grow, I would highly recommend listening to a podcast or watching YouTube as you plant your fields. It makes the process a lot more enjoyable than endlessly planting." -Xi

The growth rate is also affected by the hydration of your soil, but the current benefits don't outweigh the amount of time needed to water all your fields.

The best crops to plant are those that can be planted on tillable soil, such as wheat, beetroot, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, and melons.

If you want more XP, you simply need to create a bigger farm to plant more crops. Having a field that is roughly 3x3 or 4x4 chunks wide will provide plenty of XP.

If you have any Strange Candies or Scrolls of Wisdom saved, the best time to use them is when you're harvesting a large amount of crops.
A 5x5 chunk field of potatoes

Building the field required to farm crops at an efficient pace is arguably the hardest part of farming, but the investment certainly pays off in the long run.

"A teammate is helpful because you can rotate work and build and automate quicker." -Pqce

When farming, a crop has a very small chance to drop golden crop variants, which can be sold for x3 their original price.

Tip: If you're ever short on seeds, don't forget that the bazaar has a seed maker where you can convert crops to seeds! Each crop is turned into 1-3 seeds and can increase your yield from initial investment.

The Farmer's Armor Set can boost farming XP gain by up to 10%. This set can be obtained from Sam Wattson's farm by trading Fertile Soil obtained from farming Plague Rats or completing the Daily Quest Plague Fields in the Town of Riverbend.

Farmer's Armor Set

Closing Remarks

Donn Zhou's tower in the Town of Riverbend

After you hit Level 60 for the first time, you will have the option to take on Donn Zhou's A Legendary Journey Quest. If you choose to prestige you will be granted the ability to choose one of the available prestige perks, which will alter your gameplay vastly. However, your next journey from 1-60 will require an exponential amount more XP than your previous journey.

Before prestiging, you should read the new player guide, if you haven't already done so, to understand what benefits come with prestiging and the linked costs as well.

In this guide, we've covered how to go from level 1-60, but in the future, more exciting ways to farm and play will come out like the new ranching armor set, which will boost ranching XP gains and could completely change the game.

Sneak peek of the Ranching Set

The best method will always be evolving and may be different in the future, but for now, we'll leave it at that.

- Xi

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