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HarvestMC: End of Life

HarvestMC was originally founded in August of 2013 and has ran for nearly a decade. We have enjoyed the memories we have crafted with our community and would like to thank you all...

HarvestMC: End of Life

Greeting Adventurers!

It is with a heavy heart that I make the official announcement today that HarvestMC will be officially closing its doors in favor of the KraxiaMC network on October 15, 2021. We originally made HarvestMC in August of 2013 and have ran it with a 99.99% uptime since.

The community and server has been home to many renditions of itself in the past ten years... We originally launched under the name FarmCraft and later transitioned to our permanent branding of HarvestMC. While we all have great memories of what HarvestMC has been for us in the past, we also understand that the concept for the server is dated and overplayed. For these reasons, we've made the hard but true decision to close the server.

As a commitment to the brand and the ideals that this server held, we will maintain the branding and a backup of this server to use if and when in the future that any individual or ourselves would like to reopen the community server.

In the meantime, you can still connect and join HarvestMC as you could previously with play.havestmc.net and capture your last memories of the server. We invite you to share your memories and moments on our discord server with our community as well.

Formal Introduction of KraxiaMC

Minecraft as a whole has rapidly changed over the past decade and with the rapid change comes more opportunities for servers to develop custom content. Throughout the years our server has seen much success with these various updates, but the sad truth is that the community is yearning for something more... which is why we are now introducing you to the future of our network, KraxiaMC (play.kraxiamc.com).

Our first server on the new network is a SkyBlock RPG that many of yourselves may be familiar with, the project began as a towny server over four years ago and is now morphed into a custom SkyBlock experience never seen before. As you progress in your levels, you unlock various elements of the gameplay through quests and talents... For those of you who are up for the challenge, we also offer various prestige paths that allow you to even further customize your gameplay.

We look forward to having you all join the new server and experiencing what we have crafted over the past four years. The project has truly been driven by our passions for the game and the community that supports us all.

KraxiaMC Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will anything from HarvestMC transfer to the new server?

A: Unfortunately nothing will be transferred from HarvestMC. The new network is a separate entity from the previous server. We cannot transfer any ranks, donor credits, vanity or items from the previous server to this server. On the other end of things, if you have purchased a donor rank from our store previously and you have linked your discord account, you are now being noticed in our community with the "Legacy Donator" tag, which will never be avaiable again!

Q: Why shut down HarvestMC?

A: The server has been hosted for over eight years and the community has stood behind us with countless resets and seasons. The concept is simply overplayed and the community is tired of the endless reset schedules that burden us all.

Q: I have spent money on the server, why can I not have my digital goods transferred?

A: The digitial goods sold by HarvestMC were always sold with the explicit warranty of the lifetime of the server, unfortunately when the server has closed, the digital goods purchased will expire as well. We welcome you to join and support our new server, KraxiaMC with the code "HarvestMC" for an additional discount on digital goods.

Q: Will you preserve the latest map from HarvestMC or other assets?

A: Yes! We intend to preserve a true and accurate copy of all server files, assets and worlds at this time. We will have these on hand in the event that we would like to reintroduce the server at a later date and time or pass the torch... who knows!

Q: What is unique about KraxiaMC?

A: Over the course of the past four years, we have carefully crafted, developed and built KraxiaMC into a community server that can be enjoyed by all members of our community. We have adhered to a strict internal policy of fairness that was not present on HarvestMC with an explicit goal of making all donation benefits available to the wider audience through their own dedication. The server is much too complex to sum up in a simple answer, but with our dedication and thousands of hours devoted so far, we can only imagine you will enjoy our new community as much as we do :)

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