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New Player Guide

New or returning to KraxiaMC? We've specially crafted this new player guide with helpful tips, tricks and commands that you may not know to assist you in your experience on the server for the first time.

New Player Guide

Welcome to the town of Riverbend! Whether you are new or returning member, we are glad to have you join us. In this simple guide, you will find helpful commands, tips and tricks for the early game play of KraxiaMC.

First Steps

Your First Quest
When you join KraxiaMC for the first time, you will find yourself in Harvest's Cove in the town of Riverbend. This it heart of the community; feel free to explore the spawn and complete some quests.

In your inventory is an Old Journal. You can right click the journal at any point to begin your first quest: Humble Beginnings. This initial quest introduces you to some of the key NPCs in the town and gives you a starter kit.

Additional Town Services
If you're in the mood to explore, you can begin fishing in one of the many ponds throughout the town for some unique rewards and fish – or maybe you're more of a miner? Head over to the town mines and get started! Looking for more quests? Read more about our daily quests below...

Riverbend Rails (conveniently located in Harvest's Cove) can also offer quick transportation across the town of Riverbend free of charge for new players.

Island Ready?
When you are ready, you can proceed to your island for the first time with the command /island (or /is for short). You cannot build anywhere in the spawn but there is plenty of other content to enjoy: quests, unique fishing locations and rewards, various interesting POIs and more!

Helpful Commands

We have specially designed the following commands to help new or returning players:

  • /info (or /faq): Opens a menu to the player with common commands, help menus and a navigation system.
  • /navigation (or /nav): Opens the navigation menu for use in the spawn. Selecting a target will place a compass on your screen, right below the level bar for you to easily navigate to your location.
  • /commands: Opens a menu with the most frequently used commands, both general and specific to skyblock islands.
  • /vote: Voting rewards you with a Vote Key and Vote Point per vote (up to 5 total a day) and when you complete all five daily votes you get a Vote Book. The Vote Book can be redeemed for various rewards including in-game money, bonus xp or some higher tier donor crate keys!
  • /discord: Sends an invite link to our discord server. Please join if you are struggling with any of the features or feel lost. Our community is very helpful and we can support you in #community-help channel or the #support channel.

Leveling System

KraxiaMC hosts a unique leveling system where players begin their journey at Level 1 and can progress to Level 60. Levels represent a total compilation of a player's experience on the server. You can gain XP through farming, forestry, ranching, fishing or mining. While you gain levels, you unlock new content, quests and money making opportunities.

Noteworthy Levels:

  • Level 11: At level 11, you unlock Talent Points (read more below) which specialize how you play the game. You gain an additional talent point every odd level after level 11, excluding levels 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 where you gain two talent points.
  • Level 15: At level 15, you earn your first Island Border expansion. Each consecutive ten levels after, your island will also expand until the maximum increase at level 55 (additional expansions are given to members with donor ranks).
  • Level 35: Depending on your talent selection, you can now unlock your first max tier talent which includes some of the best perks on the server such as Tree Feller in the forestry talents.

Upon reaching Level 60, you will be given the opportunity to complete the quest A Legendary Journey with the infamous Donn Zhou. You can find Donn on Mount Zhou in the spawn near his wizard tower. Completing A Legendary Journey will allow the player to prestige. Currently, there are three total perks a player can unlock prestige:

Prestige Perks:

  • Insider Trading: +10% profits and 0% tax for using /shop
  • Astral Projection: Access to /isfly (flight for all members on an island)
  • Jack of All Trades: Double Talent Points

Note: Prestiging resets your current level progress and talent selections. Your island, balance and inventory remain the same.

Talent System

Commencing at Level 11, players begin earning talent points every odd level until Level 60. Talent Points are spent in the /talent menu allow you to specialize into various aspects of the game. For instance, you can choose to select the Fertile Watering Can talent perk, that gives you a chance of triggering a bone meal effect while watering your crops!

Our unique talent system allows players to select their specific play style and enhance aspects that are relevant to their interests.

As mentioned before, if you choose to prestige at Level 60, your talents will be reset. Additionally, you can reset your talents at any point given you have the charges to do so. Everyone begins their journey with five resets and can earn more talent resets through game play or purchased on the web store.

Daily Tasks and Quests

Daily Task System
Every day, all players are given a set of three random tasks from Tjark Barlow, the Task Master. He can be found in Harvest's Cove (near /spawn) or accessed through /task. Upon completion of a daily task, you will be awarded with an amount of task points depending on the difficulty of the task (easy, medium and hard).

Additionally, Tjark offers bonus points to anyone who can complete all three daily tasks in a twenty-four hour period. These bonus points are based upon your log-in streak to a maximum of five bonus points a day.

Task points can be spent in Tjark's /task shop for some unique and epic rewards!

Daily Quests
Sondre Hamilton, the Quest Guide is located directly outside of Harvest's Cove and will guide you to the Daily Quests in spawn. Currently, there are four total daily quests:

  • Riley Jeeves' Infested Mines: Riley requires assistance in the Town Mine to clear out the annoying silverfish. Meet with Riley in the Town Mines to begin his quest and earn yourself a Barrel o' Resources and some Exotic Minerals (quest shop currency) daily.
  • Sam Wattson's Plague Fields: Sam Wattson's field is plagued with rats and he needs your help in clearing them out. In return, he will give you a Sack of Farming Supplies and some Fertile Dirt (quest shop currency) daily.
  • Krystal Wummbelton's Crazed Bees: Krystal's bee farm is always causing trouble for the town residents, but in reality the hives are just undermaintained. Lend her a helping hand and she will give you a Honey Covered Trunk and some Wummbelton Doubloons (quest shop currency). She makes these tokens herself but they are totally valueless outside of her farm...
  • Joshua Zhou and the Mystifying Maze: You can find Joshua's mother, Sarah, outside of the Mystifying Maze. She is too scared to go into the everchanging maze, but her son is lost within. Can you locate Joshua? If you can, he will reward you with a Strange Candy (+50% xp bonus) for your efforts daily!

Supporting KraxiaMC

Voting for KraxiaMC
The best ways to support our community include voting daily and sharing KraxiaMC with your friends.

  • /vote: Voting rewards you with a Vote Key and Vote Point per vote (up to 5 total a day). When you complete all five daily votes, you will be rewarded with a Vote Book. The Vote Book can be redeemed for various rewards including in-game money, bonus xp or some higher tier donor crate keys!

Discord and Community Support
Another great way to contribute to our community is in our Discord, supporting other members who may have questions. Use our #community-help section to start helping out!

Webstore Purchases and Patron Membership
If you really enjoy the experience we have crafted for your enjoyment and the dedication we've had over the years for this project, consider checking out our webstore to support us financially and allow this project to go on for years!

Our monthly subscription rank, Patron, is a great way to support the server at low cost to you while earning credit towards your donor rank (read more here). In addition, you will receive exclusive rewards such as bonus xp, sell modifiers and early access to content. Read more about Patron Membership here.

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